COVID-19 and Young People’s Education and Employment Aspirations: A 3 Year Study in Geelong

Please leave your contact details below if you would like to participate (and get a $30 dollar gift voucher) or to find out more..


At this link you will find further details about the research project, including what RMIT University calls a Participant Information Consent Form – which you will need to read to give your consent to participate in the research.

We will ask you a series of questions via VideoAsk. Those questions include:

1. My life at the moment

Can you tell us about how you view your life at the moment?

2. The world now, and in the future

Can you tell us your thoughts about the current state of the world at the moment?

3. My life in the future

We want to know a little about your hopes and aspirations for your future.

4. Something else?

There will also be an opportunity to tell us anything else that you would like to at the moment.

We will also ask you to provide some further details about your age and background.

The full details of these questions can be found below, and can give you a guide to think about your responses.


Making your VideoAsk response

Before you answer those questions you should spend some time considering what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

The link will work on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. We ask that you don’t use the ‘Safari’ browser because it doesn’t support the platform.

You will make a good video response if you take some time to make sure the lighting and the volume are at good levels, and that you are in a quiet place with no background noise or any disturbances.

If you are using your mobile you should make sure that it is steady, maybe resting on a firm surface, and in landscape/horizontal mode

The links here are to a number of examples from an existing project in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs.

We are a collaborative research lab for co-designing young people’s sustainable futures in times of crisis and disruption.

Young People as Biocultural Creatures: Re-imagining Sociologies of Young People’s Well-being

With my colleagues Seth Brown and James Goring I am developing a chapter  – Being young’, ‘living well’, in/beyond the pandemic: Exploring the entanglements between COVID-19, the Anthropocene and young people’s wellbeing – for an edited collection to be published in 2022 titled, Wellbeing: Global Policies and Perspectives Using the stories of three young people […]


Please contact PhD researcher James Goring via sms, phone call or email on 0474808479 or if you have any questions about this project.