Young People and the Climate Crisis

School Strikes for Climate: Young People, Dissent and Collective Identities in/for the Anthropocene

Our new book chapter – School strikes for climate: Young people, dissent and collective identities in/for the Anthropocene – has just been published. In this chapter – in an edited collection titled Youth Collectivities: Cultures and Objects – James Goring, Meave Noonan and I engage with the emergence of the School Strikes for Climate (SS4C) youth collective that continues to […]

Young People and Digital Disruption Young People and the Climate Crisis Young People and the Pandemic Young People, Difference, Diversity and Inclusion

Young People as Biocultural Creatures: Re-imagining Sociologies of Young People’s Well-being

With my colleagues Seth Brown and James Goring I am developing a chapter  – Being young’, ‘living well’, in/beyond the pandemic: Exploring the entanglements between COVID-19, the Anthropocene and young people’s wellbeing – for an edited collection to be published in 2022 titled, Wellbeing: Global Policies and Perspectives Using the stories of three young people […]

Young People and the Climate Crisis Young People and the Sustainable Development Goals

Blah, Blah, Blah: Young People, the Climate Crisis, Hope and the ‘Dithering’ of Adults

In a recent article in The Guardian, Damian Carrington (2021) presents a number of extracts from a speech by Greta Thunberg to the Youth4Climate summit in Milan, Italy, on Tuesday September 28, 2021 – a speech that was timed in relation to the upcoming COP 26 meeting in Glasgow, Scotland.  Greta’s targets in the speech […]