Young People’s Voices and Participation and the Beginnings of ‘Co-Design’

Introduction In their recent book – Youth rising?: The politics of youth in the global economy – Mayssoun Sukarieh and Stuart Tannock (2014, p. 143) reflect on the problematic character of young people’s voices and participation in movements against such things as the climate crisis, war, and racism, and their encounters with the institutionalised promise […]

Young People’s Mental Health and Well-being in the Pandemic

What are we talking about and how does it connect to aspiration? Introduction COVID-19 (45.7%), the environment (38.0%) and equity and discrimination (35.4%) topped the key issues in 2021 that young people feel Australia must address. “These responses are given in the context of a crescendo of public dialogue accompanying national and international events such […]

Aspiration and Young People’s Sense of their Futures in the Time of COVID

The Capacity to Aspire, and the ‘Moral’ Obligation to be Aspirational Introduction I am not saying that the poor cannot wish, want, need, plan, or aspire. But part of poverty is a diminishing of the circumstances in which these practices occur. If the map of aspirations…is seen to consist of a dense combination of nodes […]


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