‘…we are currently situated in a posthuman convergence between the Fourth Industrial Age and the Sixth Extinction, between an advanced knowledge economy, which perpetuates patterns of discrimination and exclusion, and the threat of climate change devastation for both human and non-human entities…’

Rosi Braidotti (2019)

The Young People’s Sustainable Futures Lab is a collaborative research lab for co-designing young people’s sustainable futures in times of crisis and disruption.

The crises and disruptions at the convergence of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Sixth Mass Extinction are amplified as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold.

The starting point for this initiative is situated in our concern with, and for, young people’s well-being, and their education, training and employment pathways in these unfolding crises. 

From this starting point, YPSFL aspires to develop place-based partnerships for young people’s futures that are disruptive, transformative and shaped by shared visions for social and climate justice, inclusion, and difference and diversity.